The 2012 AVEG Series

I was a trainer with a Part 135 operator for 13 years. These AVEGs began as lecture outlines for initial new-hire ground school. They have evolved into short, densely compressed introductory guides to subject areas that I have found over the years pilots seem to want or need the most additional help.

The AVEGs are not copyrighted and may be shared and distributed freely. (Please credit this Web site.)

IMPORTANT NOTE: The AVEGs are not approved courseware for any operator. They are for general study and reference purposes only. While I do hope you find the AVEGs helpful and useful, please use some common sense! The AVEGs should not be considered a substitute or replacement for approved courseware, company manuals, federal regulations, government advisory publications etc. The AVEGs were written by me and therefore contain my personal and professional experiences (which may not be applicable or relevant to anyone else) and subjective opinions (which may be wrong). They are updated, revised and edited only when I have time, which is rarely, so they may contain errors and omissions. I will accept no responsibility for the reckless or irresponsible misuse of this material!

December 2012 update: As of Friday the 21st, I am retired from commercial aviation. My wife and I are moving to the west coast of Florida, where I plan to concentrate on sailing and writing. The AVEG series will no longer be kept current. I am leaving it up for its historical value.

AVEG 1: Legal IFR Flight Planning Under Part 135
A survey of the relevant federal requirements, with examples.

AVEG 2: On-Demand Part 135 Flight/Duty/Rest Rules
How a pilot for a particular (hypothetical) operator can remain legal when accepting flight assignments.

AVEG 3: Basic Principles and Concepts of Weather
An introductory overview of fundamental and practical elements of meteorology.

AVEG 4: Proper Radio Phraseology and Technique
Be precise, be concise, stay out of trouble and get your point across without annoying people.

AVEG 5: Winter Operations
Staying safe and staying legal when ground and/or flight icing conditions exist.
(to be used in conjunction with In-Flight Ice.)

AVEG 6: Passing Your Part 135 IFR-PIC Checkride
Although intended for freight pilots, much of the information in this AVEG applies broadly to most FAA checkrides.

AVEG 7: (Legal) Airworthiness
This is a single image, which can be printed out for reference. It includes Figure 2 from FAA Advisory Circular 91-67, as well as an excerpt from FSIMS (the FAA's Flight Standards Information Management System), with my own comments in red.

IFR Alternates Video Tutorials
I made these in 2010. When giving initial and recurrent Part 135 IFR-PIC checkrides, I noticed that one of the subject areas that pilots consistently had the most trouble with was the IFR alternate rules. This is certainly understandable; the rules are complicated and confusing. The quality (especially the sound quality) of these videos is not great, but some may still find them to be a helpful study supplement. (Designed to be used primarily as a companion to AVEG 1.)

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